Dust Collectors

KPF – Filter units for dust

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Dust is a complex mixture of air and solid particles. The various dust particles differ in size and shape as well as in their chemical composition and physical properties. It is produced during chiselling, grinding, drilling or milling. Dust is defined according to particle size and shape, as well as physical and biological-toxic, i.e. toxic properties. It is divided into E-dust, A-dust, U-dust and fibres. The pathogenic properties of toxic dust are damage to the liver and spleen, carcinogenic dust can cause cancer, sensitising dust can cause allergic reactions, corrosive dust destroys human tissue, radioactive dust damages the body through its ionising radiation and fibrinogenic dust rebuilds lung tissue after frequent exposure (dust lung diseases).

The extraction of pollutants at the point of origin is laid down in the Workplace Ordinance §3 paragraph 1, Appendix 3.6 Ventilation as a basic requirement for a hazard-free working environment. Valuable information can also be found in DGUV regulation 109-002, workplace ventilation – air-technical measures (formerly BGR121).

Your Benefits

  • Healthy work enthusiasm
  • Healthier employees
  • The purified air can stay in the room!
  • Low operating costs
  • Mobile filter unit up to KPF1003-10HP
  • Adjustable air flow rate up to KPF1003-10HP

Klepp-Filter units for dust (KPF) are available in two versions:

KPF series with adjustable air flow rate:
The air flow rate can be infinitely adjusted and thus adapted to the respective pollutant load. The speed is controlled via an LED display with membrane keypad. An optical signal combined with full text display indicates the need for action and maintenance. Operating hours counter and filter status indication can also be called up via the display.

KPF Eco series with constant air flow:
The simplified operation of the KPF-Ecoline enables attractive acquisition costs with proven system quality. The operating switch on/off with control lamp is located on the control panel. A warning lamp with acoustic signal indicates a necessary filter change.

All Klepp filter systems for dust offer ideal solutions for a durable and optimal extraction and filtering of the pollutants. The pollutant-containing air is collected directly at the point of origin via practical collection elements. The extracted pollutants are fed to the central filter unit via a piping system individually designed for the application. Starting with the Klepp cartridge filter KPF 1263, the filter cartridges are cleaned with an electronic cycle control. During the cleaning process, the individual filter cartridges are alternately closed with a cover and thus removed from the intake flow. The compressed air flows to the rotary wing nozzle and generates a rotary motion due to the arrangement of the nozzles. This cleans the folds of the cartridge very intensively over the entire surface. The cleaned particles are collected in a collecting container. The system can be operated either in exhaust air or recirculated air mode.