Exhaust Arm Systems

During the various work processes, air is polluted, and these fumes, gases and dusts affect the  workers’ health of the worker ,  the machines and, in some cases, the product. The collection and filtering of this polluted air is required by the workplace regulation, § 3 paragraph 1, appendix 3.6 Ventilation and also by DGUV regulation 109-002 Workplace Ventilation – Ventilation Measures.

The solution to this requirement is the extraction of the polluted air at the point of origin. The most important component of this extraction system is the correct collection element. Only the component that is collected can be cleaned in the filter system.

We can supply you with standard elements and special designs of recording elements:

Your benefits

  • Employee protection
  • Compliance with the limit values
  • The machine protection
  • The product protection
  • The general cleanliness

Only by determining the correct detection element can the required air flow rate be calculated. Then you can see which medium you have to extract, e.g. soldering fumes, solvent vapours, smoke, dust etc. and in what quantities. With this we determine the type of the extraction and filter system. During an on-site visit, we record this data in a needs assessment.

This needs assessment and a site plan in DWG format or a hand-drawn sketch of the workplace layout, as well as a safety data sheet of the materials to be extracted, serve to prepare your offer. Klepp Absauganlagen GmbH lets you become active through clean working air!