Combination Filter Systems Laser Fumes

KKF – Combined filter systems for dust and odour.

with automatic cleaning

In many production-related processes, the working air is contaminated by both dust and odour particles, e.g. laser cutting of various materials, cutting of plastic, taking and analysing soil samples.

Option automatic cleaning

All KKF filter models can be equipped with an automatic cleaning system for the filter cartridge. A 10-litre compressed air tank releases the compressed air automatically and time-dependently. The compressed air flows through a rotating wing nozzle and cleans the filter cartridge over its entire length due to the rotary motion generated. For this you need a compressed air connection with 3 – 4 bar, air consumption per impulse 32 – 64 l, air free of oil, water and particles.

Your Benefits

  • simultaneous separation of vapours, gases and dust
  • Cleaning of the filter cartridge
  • vertical filter cartridge guarantees better cleaning
  • the baffle plate at the air inlet distributes the air flow and prevents damage to the filter cartridge
  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • low power usage
  • Utilization of the entire filter surface
  • maintenance-free motor (no carbon brushes)
  • high filtration capacity
  • longer filter life
  • individually replaceable filters
  • Deposit system for activated carbon cassette
  • Quiet operating noise due to double sound insulation in the motor section
  • System tested according to DIN VDE 0701/0702 and DGUV regulation 3
  • recorded function and completeness check
  • the solution from one source from planning to execution

Klepp combi filter systems for dust and odour (KKF) are available in two versions:

Series KKF with adjustable air flow:
The air flow rate can be infinitely adjusted and thus adapted to the respective pollutant load. The speed is controlled via an LED display with membrane keypad. An optical signal combined with full text display indicates the need for action and maintenance. Operating hours counter and filter status indication can also be called up via the display.

Series KKF Eco with constant air flow:
The simplified operation of the KKF-Ecoline enables attractive acquisition costs with proven system quality. The operating switch on/off with control light is located on the control panel. A warning lamp with acoustic signal indicates a necessary filter change.

The Klepp-combi-filter as dust and odour separator in a filter system is an ideal solution for a permanent and optimal extraction and filtering of pollutants. The polluted air first hits a baffle plate where the coarse particles fall down, the air flow is distributed and thus damage to the filter cartridge is prevented. The finer particles are deposited on the surface of the cartridge. The finest particles, gases, vapours and odours are drawn through the filter cartridge into the second filter section of the extraction system. This is where a pre-filter mat, the Hepa filter H13 and the activated carbon cartridge are located. The Hepa filter filters out the finest particles. The activated carbon binds the gases, vapours and odours. The cleaned air is fed into the working chamber.