Solder Fume Extraction Systems

KLF – Filter systems for solder fumes

Solid and liquid phases react with each other during the soldering process. Smoke, gas and aerosol are produced as air pollutants. Headaches, conjunctival irritation, premature fatigue and damage to the respiratory organs through inhalation are the result.

The extraction of pollutants at the point of origin is laid down in the Workplace Ordinance §3 (1), Annex 3.6 Ventilation as a basic requirement for a risk-free working environment.

Your Benefits

  • super quiet
  • suitable for single and central manual workstations and for soldering machines
  • Air output adjustable up to KLF1003
  • cleaned exhaust air remains in the working area
  • easy filter change
  • short maintenance period
  • low power usage
  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • Device fits under the table (KLF703, KLF703/4, KLF803)
  • Operating elements on top, therefore easily accessible
  • solid construction, connections at the rear (KLF703, KLF703/4, KLF803)
  • high filtration capacity
  • Utilization of the entire filter surface
  • longer filter life
  • individually replaceable filters
  • Deposit system for activated carbon cassette
  • low overheads
  • maintenance-free motor (no carbon brushes)

Klepp solder fume filters (KLF) are available in three versions:

Adjustable air flow rate:
Series KLF-models: KLF703, KLF703/4, KLF803, KLF1003

The air flow rate can be continuously regulated and thus adapted to the respective pollutant load for the extraction of the pollutant load. The new control system allows finer regulation via an LED display with a membrane keyboard. As an option, remote on/off switching can be implemented with the same control system. Furthermore, a pressure difference control for the KLF803 or KLF1003 can be supplied as an option. An optical signal combined with a character display indicates the need for handling and maintenance. Operating hours counter and filter status indication can also be called up via the display.

Air flow constant:
KLF series – Models: KLF1703, KLF2003, KLF3003

The air capacity is constantly available and thus permanently guarantees the optimum extraction performance. The operating switch on/off with indicator light is located on the control panel. An optical signal combined with a sign display indicates the need for action and maintenance. A remote on/off or pressure differential control can be supplied as an option.

KLF Eco Series – Models: KLF73eco, KLF703/4eco, KLF803eco, KLF1003eco

The simplified operation of the KLF-Ecoline enables attractive acquisition costs with proven system quality. The operating switch on/off with indicator light is located on the control panel. A warning lamp with acoustic signal indicates when a filter change is required.

All Klepp solder fume filters offer ideal solutions for a durable and optimal extraction and filtering of the pollutants. The pollutant-containing air is collected directly at the point of origin via practical collection elements (e.g. extraction arms NW 50, suction slot channels, under-sink extraction systems or special designs). The extracted pollutants are fed to the filter unit via a hose system or a pipeline designed individually for your requirements. Filtering is carried out via three stages – pre-filter mat, suspended matter filter and activated carbon filter. The cleaned air can remain in the working room. The filters can be replaced automatically, or as part of an annual maintenance contract. The activated carbon filter can be refilled again and again.